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With our expertise and years of experience, we can help value engineer your entire project to help hold down your costs. Ace Screen Repair & More, LLC.

Our Mission:

The Heart of Ace Screen Repair & More

At Ace Screen Repair & More, we’re not just building screen enclosures; we’re crafting backyards that become the heartbeat of family memories and community spirit. It started back in 2016, a husband and wife team fueled by a shared passion: turning backyard dreams into tangible spaces where laughter ripples and joy takes root.

With over 20 years of expertise in the aluminum industry, we navigate the world of screens and structures with the confidence of seasoned builders. But it’s not just about technical prowess; it’s about the human touch. We handpick exceptional partners within SWFL, forming a network of trusted collaborators who share our commitment to quality and community.

And then there’s our extended family – our amazing team. Each member brings their unique talents and dedication, creating a warm atmosphere where customer satisfaction is the gold standard. We believe in treating our clients like neighbors, ensuring every interaction is infused with respect and genuine care.

Ultimately, our mission transcends building beautiful enclosures. It’s about empowering families to embrace their own backyard havens. We envision these spaces becoming the backdrop for laughter-filled poolside barbecues, starlit evenings under the Florida sky, and quiet mornings bathed in golden sunlight. Every project is a bridge to these joyful moments, a testament to the enduring power of home.

This commitment extends beyond the confines of business. We believe in giving back to the community that nourishes us. From volunteering our time to sponsoring local events, we strive to leave a positive impact and weave a tapestry of compassion into the fabric of SWFL.

So, when you choose Ace Screen Repair & More, you’re not just selecting a contractor; you’re joining a family. You’re partnering with a team dedicated to quality, fueled by community spirit, and committed to leaving behind not just stunning structures, but years of treasured memories.

We are fully Licensed and Insured. References are available.

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From Foundation to Family: Katie Jellerson Builds More Than Screen Enclosures

For over 25 years, Katie Jellerson hasn’t just built strong structures; she’s built a legacy of community and craftsmanship in Naples. Her journey began in the heart of the construction industry, where she honed her skills into an art form. But beneath the blueprints and power tools, a deeper purpose burned bright: leaving a positive mark on the world, one screen at a time.

This passion led Katie to the fields of Naples Girls Softball Little League, where she served as president of the board. Witnessing young athletes blossom with grit and determination solidified her belief that “the difference in our word begins with us.” This mantra became her guiding star, not just in leading her team to victory on the field, but also in fostering a culture of empathy and service within Ace Screen Repair and More.

For Katie, creating screen enclosures isn’t just about providing shade; it’s about crafting backdrops for life’s most treasured moments. She envisions sparkling poolside afternoons filled with family laughter, starlit evenings under the Florida sky, and quiet mornings bathed in golden sunlight. Every project is an opportunity to build more than walls; it’s a chance to curate spaces that nurture connection, spark joy, and become the canvas for cherished memories.

This commitment extends beyond the confines of business. Katie leads by example, inspiring her children and employees to embrace the spirit of giving back. Together, they lend a helping hand to the SW Florida communities, participating in events and volunteering their time to those in need. Together, they volunteer in the community, lend a helping hand to those in need, and leave a trail of kindness wherever they go.

So, when you choose Ace Screen Repair and More, you’re not just contracting a skilled builder; you’re joining a family. You’re partnering with a mentor, a champion in the community, a woman who believes strong foundations, both in structures and in human connection, are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life.

Come meet the friendly faces and feel the infectious enthusiasm at Ace Screen Repair and More. You might just walk away with more than a stunning enclosure; you might discover a community that feels like home, built by a woman who believes in the power of building together.

Our Service

Our company is built on referrals. Our service team works hard to make sure we leave behind a good product. Just as each client is different, so is each construction project, no two are ever exactly alike. Each presents its own specific and unique set of challenges for everyone involved. We at Ace Screen Repair & More, LLC., have developed a variety of methods to handle these challenges to meet the needs of our clients.

Safety Information

It is the mission of Ace Screen Repair & More, LLC, to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our associates. We endeavor to achieve that goal by hiring the best employees, and by constantly striving to improve our practices and procedures for better outcomes.

We strive to achieve the best results in everything we do to support our teams, and nowhere is that more visible than in our safety practices. Achieving our mission of safety is a job of continual focus and attention to detail by each and every department and associate of Ace Screen Repair & More, LLC.

We maintain our focus on safety through a zero-accident culture. This culture is an inextricable part of each Ace Screen Repair & More associate — it’s the way we build our projects. We achieve this culture through training, and the belief that a standard of zero accidents is possible in both our industry and our area.

Who We Service


Each homeowner has a vision of what they would like to walk out of their home and see. We offer many colors in our gutter division as well as many unique designs for our enclosure division. We have done everything from shaded dog runs inside of enclosures, to rounded enclosures to match a property sitting on the bay, to a simple elite room on the back of someone’s home. We make a point to build a relationship with each homeowner to help provide their vision and give them a product they can be proud of.

HOA's & Property Managers

Our goal is to work with you to keep your customers happy and make sure their product is repaired or replaced to the highest of standards. At the end of the day, customer referrals is what builds a company. We will work with you to make sure that we both continue to grow with customer satisfaction and outstanding reviews.


We stand behind our products by providing each of your customers with a one year warranty on our services as well as the manufacturer’s warranty, varying on products used. Helping you design a beautiful, final product, for your customers is something that we take pride in.

Kind Words

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